Home Decorating Ideas for More Vibrant Interior Spaces

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Decorating is an art that can be appreciated by all but is often understood by only a few. Interior decorators would have us all believe that professional services are the only way to make a house into a home. With some straight forward decorating ideas you’ll be able to do most of the heavy lifting yourself!

Must Know Rules for Decorating a Room

Unless you are an interior designer, you can’t confidently say that you are well versed in utilizing decorating tricks to convert an empty space into a unique and inspiring room. Whether you are thinking of making a few but high-impact alterations to your existing home, or are starting a renovation from scratch, you need some expert-approved tips to get you started. Here are the must know rules for decorating a room:

Consider Adding Different Textures

Using just one texture will make your room seem lacking. It’s best to mix different textures through accents such as throws, rugs and accent cushions, etc. You can also mix wood with metal or lacquered furniture. Adding natural woven fabrics and rattan to the room will also augment your interior décor.

Have Multiple Lighting Sources

Lighting helps to elevate the mood and ambience of a room. If your room has only one source of lighting, i.e. a single overhead pendant, the room can feel 2-dimensional. Interior designers advise that it’s best to have light coming from different sources, not just above your head. You can always find other places where you can put an additional floor lamp or a vacant corner where you can place a small table lamp.

Incorporate Different Accessories

One of the ways of making a bold statement is through accessories. If you have some classic accessories in the room, take the risk of updating them and turn them into current, timeless elements. Consider setting up statement vases in strategic points or quirky bowls on the tables, or other accessories that you feel will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Measure the Space

Adding new, stylish furniture can also enhance the appearance of a room. In case you have decided to incorporate new furniture into your décor, it’s best that you measure the available space first. This will enable you to choose the right-sized furniture to occupy that space. You should also measure the furniture before buying to ensure that it will fit in the available space.

Consider Functionality of Decorating Items

While searching for decorating items that will make the room look beautiful, don’t forgo function. Clutter isn’t what you want. It’s best to choose furniture or items that aren’t just good for the eye, but also good for multiple uses. This is most especially in small-sized spaces. Every square-inch of space should be utilized in creative ways.

Invest in Pieces that Resonate your Sense of Style

Don’t buy stuff just because you see other people buy them – invest in pieces that you truly love. Before buying a decorative item, determine whether it actually resonates with your sense of style. If you love a piece, it should have a place in your room, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not.

Be Bold with Colors

If you want to give your room the wow factor, you need to incorporate colors that correlate. Experts say that when in doubt, you should go for darker shades. It is also advised that a room’s natural atmosphere should be enhanced if the aesthetic appeal is to be magnified.

Decorate with Live Plants

There are many advantages associated with decorating with live plants. They not only make a space look naturally beautiful, but they also keep the air fresh as they take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. There are also some plants that produce scent that repel bugs.

Parting Advice

The bottom line is, go for what you love, not what other people like or what the latest design trend is telling you. Decorating your living room will not only be pretty for the guests to see, but sitting in a good room will also be good for your soul and well-being.

James is an interior designer with a Master's of Fine Art from the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. He's passionate about keeping up with new trends of design as well as growing his own appreciation for those of the past.