It Pays to Know Your Furniture Brands

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Have you ever found a perfect piece of furniture but can’t find anything else to go with it? If this has happened to you then don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Knowing the best furniture brands out there can help you find a quick match to nearly anything.

There’s Furniture Brands and then there’s Furniture Brands

Everything has a brand, even if it’s a generic design. The difference between your average furniture brand and luxury furniture brands is immense. It’s not just a matter of style or cost either. Most respected furniture brands, some that have been around more than a century (yes, 100+ years!) offer more than one-off designs. These brands offer collections of furniture.

When you find a piece of furniture you love from these brands there are all kinds of other pieces to match. That means when you find the perfect table for your kitchen from Hooker Furniture, chances are they have a matching set of furniture for you living room, dining room, home office, and maybe even your patio. They go big.

You don’t always want a matching set of furniture for every room. Not only can it be predictable but it can get expensive, fast. These brands are great because they offer the same quality craftsmanship as well. While you might not want all your furniture to have the same finish you may want it all to have a similarly high quality design. TJ Maxx won’t give you that.

Furniture Brands to Know

We’re not going to dive too deep here, but it pays to be aware of a handful of the best furniture brands out there. Check out Home Refinery’s more in-depth guides on the best furniture brands if you’re interested in a full-list of brands. In knowing a few, one can usually begin to get an idea of what to look for among other brands. Even among these world-renowned brands you’ll find that prices vary quite a bit. Even the best furniture brands have different price points and qualities to cater to a wide range of budgets.

Lexington Furniture

Lexington furniture has been around for a really long time. They helped pioneer many of the styles that designers now consider timeless, classic, and luxury. Their quality is top-notch, pricing is expensive, but look is unparalleled. If you want to wow your house guests this furniture brand will do the trick.

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture is another East Coast American brand that helped launch the American Furniture revolution. Their styles have etched out a place in history yet their modern lines continue to evolve with modern styles. They offer bedroom sets, home office sets, kitchen furniture and everything between. You will only find a handful of upholstered goods from Hooker Furniture. Their subsidiary brands Sam Moore and Bradington-Young fill in those gaps. One of the best furniture brands around for sure.

Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt is a family-owned company that’s been in the market for about as long as anyone. They’re renowned for their somewhat contemporary and modern designs though they’re hard to pin down so simply. In their catalog, you’ll find soft fabrics accenting Mediterranean and French-chic inspired designs as well as almost-brutalist modern designs. This furniture brand should be on every Interior Designer’s radar.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is one of the single most influential modern furniture brands. They haven’t been around that long compared to other brands like Lexington or Hooker but they’ve carved out their place in the Furniture Market without doubt. Their styles shape the catalogs of nearly every other furniture brand in the world. Their catalog is characterized by minimalist designs featuring modern lines and incredible materials. You’ll have to stretch your check book to its limits but, if furniture is your thing, there’s little comparison to this brand.

Liberty Furniture

For those well-studied in furniture brands this one might come as a surprise. Liberty is a fairly new brand, only having been around thirty or so years. Recently, they’ve exploded in market share nearly doubling sales as a company. This has all been for a very good reason: they have some great designs and hit incredibly-affordable price points. Their products are found on sites like Wayfair and are excellent choices for those looking to furnish entire homes or entire rooms. This is one of my favorite furniture brands around and I continue to be impressed by them.

James is an interior designer with a Master's of Fine Art from the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. He's passionate about keeping up with new trends of design as well as growing his own appreciation for those of the past.