Bringing Your Home Together With Designer Furniture

Geometric Pillow Set on Mid Century Modern Couch

When the need for new furniture arises, most people check into furniture showrooms with the intentions of checking out the available options. Usually displayed are wise selections of ready-made options to choose from. While ready-made furniture has its advantages, there are some very unique benefits that you can get if you opt for designer furniture instead.

Benefits of Designer Furniture

Designer furniture is often little more than a hike in price. There exist (we kid you not) businesses that import cheap foreign furniture and simply make up fake designer names for it. Things like “the Marianette Sinclaire” collection and other haute-sounding names. The only real reason for this is to justify the price hikes that accompany them.

One of the most notorious markets for this is mattresses which have been way overpriced for years. More recently however there’s been a surge of more legitimately priced options available to buyers. That’s beside the point though—the point of our focus needs to be on the uniformity of design.

This perspective focuses on collections (from real designers or fake ones) that have many different pieces all with a similar look. Maybe it’s the same finish, the same fabrics, or the same unique contouring. Regardless, a uniformed design approach can help make a random looking room feel like a holistic masterpiece. Below are some of the most important considerations to make when spending the extra money on designer products.

It’s tailored to your needs

With designer furniture, you can always have your furniture exactly the way you like it. You have the liberty to decide the kind of details you want on your furniture, as well as the dimensions you want for your furniture.

It is quite disappointing buying a remarkable piece of furniture, only bring it home and realize that it doesn’t fit in the space you intended it to occupy.

This is not usually the case with design furniture, as the designers usually have the buyer’s dimensions in mind. In addition to getting just the right size, you can also get the exact color or texture you want to match your other interior décor.

It’s of superior quality

The problem with ready-made furniture is that you cannot vouch for the materials used. Knowing what has been stuffed into an already made sofa can be a bit hard, and you may end up with a sofa full of chicken feathers, or even hair.

This isn’t the case with designer furniture, as you can get the chance to supervise the creation of your furniture from scratch. You can also decide how comfortable you want your sofa to be by opting to have more padding or richer fabric. Your presence during the entire process will ensure that the final product is of high quality.

Offers a distinct decoration solution

Majority of designer or custom-made units are quite unique, making them perfect for creating an extraordinary atmosphere. If you would like your home to stand out from your relatives’ or friends’, this is the kind of furniture you should consider.

You don’t need lots of pieces to make a statement as just one piece of designer furniture per room is enough to make your interior stand out. Having the designer create an atypical bed for your bedroom, several novelty chairs for your kitchen and a stylish coffee table for your living room is enough to give your home a distinctive and memorable look.

Encourages trendy choices

You certainly don’t want outdated pieces occupying your space. What you need is the kind of furniture you will be proud to own for many years to come. By opting for designer furniture, you will be able to have your pieces created in the trendiest styles, designs, and colors.

You should also remember that the kind of furniture you have will give first impressions to your guests, thus advisable that you have the best. Having your furniture custom made enables you to have pieces that are a reflection of your personality and character.

Overall Impact

While there are many benefits associated with designer furniture, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. The biggest disadvantage has to be the hefty price that comes attached to these kinds of pieces. This is especially when there are many intricate details that require extra attention.

If you are on a tight budget, it would be best to pay attention to both the pluses and minuses associated with purchasing these stylish pieces. This will make it easier for you to determine whether the idea of bringing your home to together with designer furniture is worth it. Nevertheless, a high price tag may not an issue to those who have enough dough to spend.

James is an interior designer with a Master's of Fine Art from the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. He's passionate about keeping up with new trends of design as well as growing his own appreciation for those of the past.